Art Camps

Remarkable Arts Camps are designed to inspire children to create art that is unique to them. Empowering their creative side and allowing them to express themselves in ways they usually may not be able to. When given the freedom to explore, children become creative problem solvers whose imaginations soar.

An Experience They Won't Forget

You may find our art camps during the summer, spring or winter! And the best part is that each one will have a new and fun theme for your children to experience! 

Each Remarkable Art Camp Includes:
  • Art Lessons
  • Stories
  • Music
  • Games
  • Activites and more!

You can explore a world of colorful imagination with themes like:
At The Seaside

Make a big splash and join us for seaside adventures while designing cool art projects, playing games, reading stories, learning about ecology and examining underwater habitats. Dive in and have tons of FUN at the seaside!

Raptors, Fossils & Fangs

In this camp we’ll create art inspired by fossils, dinosaurs and other interesting prehistoric animals such as aquatic creatures and saber-toothed tigers! Dig into the life of dinosaurs and your creativity! Experiment with a variety of art techniques while you learn about science, technology, engineering and math concepts used to study extinct animals. Play games, make new friends and have a ferociously fun time!

Around the Campfire

Let’s have camping fun without leaving the art room! This art camp takes us to an imaginary world where we hike, build a campfire, create a nature tapestry, and learn about wild animals. We learn all about camping by mapping our campground, designing our own camping trailer and “collecting” bugs in a jar. We use our imagination to explore painting, printing, collage, nature tapestry, and other art media. We have fun with camping games, creating cool art projects and making new friends (without real mosquitos).

And so much more!

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

 Pablo Picasso