Academic Art

Our Academic Art Program is designed to integrate into your school day program. By providing a standards-based program that exceeds National Standards for the Visual Arts, while also including cross-curricular learning in subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. 

Quality You Can Count On

The Remarkable Arts – Art Education Program provides a comprehensive solution to schools seeking to provide students with experiences in a wide variety of media, materials, techniques, styles and more. We provide specialty materials, students learn about contemporary and master artists, explore art around the world, and work in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Our balanced program builds sequential skills and knowledge. 

It’s all about fun while we learn!

Every class incorporates music (such as classical works form Mozart and Beethoven) to encourage further brain stimulation and form new connections between neurons. 

A Trained Teacher and A Proven Program

We provide a qualified teacher who meets your requirements, fits your school’s philosophy and is trained in the execution of our standards-based curriculum and development of personal creativity. We handle the hiring, training, compensation and supervision of the teacher so you don’t have to. Schools including Private, Public and Charter up to Eighth Grade can feel confident that they are providing the very best art education program for their students.

"I highly recommend the Remarkable Arts program for any school. Not only are the students gaining knowledge of art history from the gifted educators, they get to re-create masterpieces and have the opportunity to introduce their own artistic freedom based on lesson plans designed to encourage creative problem solving. My advice is, if you have a need for a comprehensive visual arts program in your school whether it's drawing, painting, modeling or more, do yourself a favor and try the Remarkable Arts way!"
~Principal Edwards,

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

 Pablo Picasso